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Diamonds by dal was founded in 2012 by Dal Braich and is a boutique brokerage house that supplies diamonds and other gemstones to clients across Canada. Our goal as a company is to provide high quality gems at a very low cost compared to what you see in the market.

Dal’s passion for diamonds originated when it was time for her to pick out her very own engagement ring. Yes, she wanted to be a part the ring buying process… Come on! She could not leave the most important piece of jewelry she was ever going to wear up to chance! Dal and her “now” husband were referred to an exclusive diamond dealer who only dealt with international retailors around the world. Dal was stunned at how much there was to learn about diamonds and discovered a whole new passion for the industry. Dal knew she had discovered her calling when she found herself going back wanting to learn more even though she had already been married for 6 months! Shortly therefore, Dal decided to open up a one stop shop for all jewelry needs and best of all, the entire process of designing a ring is completed locally, right here in Vancouver! 

Loose Diamonds

As a company we strongly believe in viewing loose diamonds as opposed to ones that are already set in a ring setting. The only way to see a diamond’s true color is by placing it upside down and comparing it to a master color set.

Having access to diamonds from all parts of the world (including Canadian diamonds) allows us to satisfy any diamond or gemstone need our clients may have. Every diamond is first handpicked by our experts, inspected by our in-house gemologist and later appraised by a third party gemologist located locally in Vancouver, B.C.  

Custom Designs

With the help of modern day technology, Diamonds by dal is able to create computerized designs for each custom order. This allows our clients to see an image which is considerably close to the actual finished product. Our clients are given full control and are allowed to let their imaginations run wild… if you have a vision of what you want, we will help make it a reality!

Diamonds by dal Process

By offering loose diamonds and computerized designs for each custom order, Diamonds by dal provides an exceptional “diamond buying” experience. Our consultation meeting consists of educating our clients, understanding their needs and providing them with options while keeping their budget a priority.

Book a free consultation meeting with our certified experts at our office located in Vancouver.

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